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The national average cost to replace a roof is $8.650

Type of cost Cost range
Extreme high end $40.000
National average $8.650
Extreme low end $2.500
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Roof replacement costs in 2024

The budget you need for a complete roof replacement depends on a range of factors, including the size and pitch of the roof, its overall condition, the roofing material you're replacing it with, your home's geographical location, and the local labor costs. Besides, you should also mind extra expenses on repairs or services your roof may need within the replacement process.

Most roof replacement projects will cost between $240 and $800 per square for materials and professional installation. Besides, you should expect to spend about $1.700 to remove the existing roof shingles before installing the new roofing material.


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Roof replacement costs in 2024

Consider the type of roofing material to get the accurate roof replacement cost

The material you select for replacement can drastically change the project's cost. Even slight upgrades in roofing class can greatly affect the final estimate, considering that high-end products require special installation. Different shingles have their unique characteristics, upkeep requirements, and associated spending. To pick the right option, you should consider not only its price but compatibility with your local climate. Below you will find the average costs for a new roof by different roofing materials.

1. Metal roof

There are a few variabilities of metal roofing, including shingles, steel panels, and standing seam panels. Metal roofs are widely used for residential and commercial property as they're durable, fire-resistant, lightweight, and require little maintenance. Their average lifespan goes about 40 years. Depending on the type of metal roofing, the installation cost will vary from $80 to $130 per square. The total estimated cost of metal roof replacement ranges between $8.000-$24.000

2. Slate roof

Slate is a premium roofing material that lasts for 100 years. Shingles are made of natural stone, which explains their durability, freeze, and fire resistance. This material is ​not susceptible to temperature drops and can easily withstand heat and cold. Besides, slate tiles look attractive on the roofs, enhancing the home's curb appeal. However, this bunch of benefits has its price. The average estimated cost of a slate roof replacement ranges from $18.000 to $45.000.

3. Asphalt shingles

Asphalt roofing presents a combination of affordability and visual appeal. This material comes in 3 categories - strip, dimensional, and luxury shingles. Strip shingles are made of a single layer of asphalt and cost from $96 to $180 per square. Dimensional shingles are made of multiple asphalt layers fused together for better durability. Their price ranges from $290 to $489 per square. Luxury shingles have the highest quality and longevity. Depending on the offered warranty, they may cost from $450 to $700+ per square.

4. Rubber roof

Rubber roofing, also called EPDM, is available in shingles and rolls. This low-cost and eco-friendly material perfectly suits flat and skillion roof types. It lasts up to 50 years with minimal maintenance and does not require much investment in installation. The cost per square footage of rubber roofing ranges from $400 to $825. The whole roofing project, including installation, will cost you around $12.200.

5. Wood roof

Wood roofing is made of cedar, pine, and redwood. This natural and lightweight material has perfect insulation properties and an eye-pleasing rustic appearance. The average service life of a wooden roof is 30 years. However, it requires regular maintenance and should not be installed in fire-prone regions. The cost per square foot of cedar wood shakes roofing is $450. Shingles are usually a little more expensive and can be installed for $350 per square.

Getting a new roof installed is a considerable investment. You should do your research work before deciding on a suitable material. The primary criteria to consider are weatherproofing, moisture resistance, durability, and appearance. Besides, your new roofing should complement the style of the house.

Get the most out of your roof replacement

Get the most out of your roof replacement

Are you wondering whether a roofing replacement is worth the investment? The answer is "yes." An updated, robust roof is a reliable shield between your home's interior and the elements. It keeps moisture from creeping into the house, preventing mold growth and structural damage. Besides, an updated roof has better insulation that allows for regulating the temperature inside and improves the home's energy efficiency. So, you can expect to pay less for the utility after replacement.

The biggest benefit of a new roof, though, is the high return on investment that comes with this project. If you're about to put your house on sale in the next 5-7 years, you can boost its value by more than $17.000, recovering from 40% to 70% of the installation costs. Potential buyers will more likely select a property with a good curb appeal that does not need many structural updates.

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